Beyond Dentofacial Harmony | 55181

Revista de Odontologia Geral


Beyond Dentofacial Harmony

Ruba Izzeddin

The idea of closing this thesis was born to answer queries and concerns with reference to means|how|some way|the way|the simplest way} to boost or restore the sweetness of the smile and also the way the dental practitioner should not exclusively have mastery of facial, dentofacial associate degreed dental associate degreealysis but even have a clever vision to supply an adequate response, generating satisfaction, joy and well-being. whereas not forgetting that the patient perceives the sweetness of agreement, temperament, family, social and cultural surroundings. All of us observe beauty in various ways in which, all the same there unit pre-established parameters by society. Doing scientifically, the many facial aesthetics inside the event and social integration of the individual, conferring larger shallowness, that influences their main capabilities (physical, biological and social), to understand a dentofacial restoration, with the provision of reliable diagnostic criteria that let aesthetic assessment, determination of the explanation behind disharmony and so the extent of magnitude.