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Occupational Asthma Severity among Flour Mill Workers and Adherence to Preventive Guidelines

Shaban M.M

Invasive ductal carcinoma (idc), includes about 80% of
all breast cancers. According to the American Cancer Society,
more than 180,000 women in the USA, find out
they have invasive breast cancer each year. About 2/3 of
women are 55 or older when they are diagnosed. Radiation
is a proven cause of breast cancer, and some studies
link breast cancer with heredity, dietary choices, obesity,
passive cigarette smoking and hormones. The best way to
fight breast cancer is through early detection and dietary
correction. The patient was a 46 year old teacher with a
diagnosis of breast cancer in 2005 based on physical examination,
pathological sampling and nuclear scanning.
She was so much exhausted that could not even sit and
walk. A physiotherapist was asked by the author to visit
her at home. She was also given dietary advice to add
veggies and fruits. She was referred to the best known
oncologist for chemotherapy who thereafter referred her
for cobalt radiotherapy. After 4 years, she was seen by the
author in 2009. Her case was taken, and homeopathic
Carcinosinum was prescribed. After a month she started
feeling more energetic. Six years after the diagnosis of
breast cancer, the patient felt well, worked at home, and
helped her children to study, in the year 2011. Her children
took Carcinosinum as a preventive measure. While
some colleagues predicted 6 months survival for the patient,
the author helped her with a 96 months survival