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The Type of Feeding of Domestic Cats by Humans Causes the Brain Development of these Animals

Mohammad Saleh Ranaiy

Today's human is the result of millions of years of evolution. Human evolution has been the result of various factors. Humans are not the only mammals affected by the evolutionary force, but the evolutionary force has also affected other mammals, including cats. One of the factors that played a significant role in the evolution of humans was the type of nutrition, which also affected other mammals. Domestic cats are among the favorite pets of many people around the world. These cats have been living close to humans for thousands of years, and even today, they are considered part of many people's families. Today, domestic cats are fed processed foods that their owners have forbidden. The use of fire and the expansion of the use of cooked foods have played an influential role in the evolution of the brain of today's humans. Feeding domestic cats industrial and processed foods has also caused effects on the brain and cognition of domestic cats. As a result, the type of feeding of domestic cats can affect the brain development of these animals.