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The Influence of Family Violence and Age on The Manifestation of Depressive Symptoms Among Women

Mary Nicolette Ihenacho*

The study investigated the influence of family violence and age on the manifestation of depressive symptoms among women. The sample for the study comprised 200 married women (100 battered and 100 non-battered) who were selected from Onitsha North Local Government Area, Anambra State, Nigeria. Marital Conflict Behavior Checklist (MCBC) was used to serve as an indicator of conflict behaviors spouses engaged in, during conflicts. The Centre for Epidemiological Studies Depressive Scale (CESD) was used to measure the levels of depressive symptoms manifested by the participants. Data were analyzed using 2×2 Analysis of Variance (ANOVA). The results showed that there was significant difference, between battered and nonbattered women on the report of depression, F (1,196)=16. 06, p<.01. There was a statistically significant age difference in the manifestation of depression F(I,196) =37.49, p<.O1. Young battered women reported higher depression than old battered women. There was interaction effect between battering and depression. The finding suggest that depression was as a result of battering. Correlation was significant at r=p<. O1. The findings were discussed, implications and limitations highlighted and recommendations were made.